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Dear Athletes: Get away from YouTube

by Your People on September 1st, 2010

Dear Athletes,

Put down the camera. Seriously, nothing good can come of this; even with a professional camera crew, Shaq made Kazaam.

This is nothing new. In the early days of camera phones, erstwhile NBA player Stephon Marbury made a series of videos that can be described as being anything from embarrassing to surprising to disturbing.

But despite numerous warnings from the media, league representatives and agents not to follow in Steph’s footsteps, you just didn’t listen. Perhaps falsely encouraged by Chris Bosh’s entertaining YouTube videos and Nate Robinson’s ability to use Final Cut Pro, every baller thinks it’s a good idea to get in front of their iPhones unsupervised.

Case in point: Brandon Jennings. How YOU doin’? Now, I’m not going to judge any Amaechi-esqe tendencies, but it may be smart if you, like him, waited until you were out of the NBA to break down your “love game” for us. Since you’re only 6’1”, you may have a hard time defending yourself in the locker room alone or not. Or was this your way of acknowledging that your NBA career imploded and you’re staying in Europe? Get it gir! Not mad at ya.

And Big Baby…*sigh* First of all, you make $3million. Can’t you afford a camera stand, a flat screen and your light bill? And methinks you may have dougied a little too hard at 0:30. Hey, rumors can’t kill you, but the dougie can.

People can’t un-see your videos, but I am your people, and I’m going to fix this problem. Before your post a single video online, run it by someone first. Sure, you may want to be “real” for your fans, but there are precious few times when the world needs to see your dance moves. And I’m not telling you to lose your authenticity. You don’t have to ask your agent or PR person; Brandon Jennings, I’m sure cousin Pookie would have immersed your laptop in the bathtub after watching you go gaga. Actually, you might want to re-think anything you post on the internet, as it may cost you more than your pride.

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

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