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LeBron James: Media hog

by Your People on July 7th, 2010

Dear LeBron,

Congratulations, you’re a free agent. Now you get to figure out what team will pay you nine figures to throw a ball into a hoop. I understand why this is big news on SportsCenter, but for some unknown reason, everyone from CNN to local news are treating this with the same gravity as if you were deciding whether or not to bomb North Korea. I would say that this is not your fault, but you know d@mn well you enjoy manipulating the media.

So for your next bag of tricks, you’ve finally joined Twitter. It was actually Chris Paul who introduced the world to your Twitter page, which set off this fun Trending Topic, and had everyone asking, “since when is Chris Paul your PR person?” Basically, LeBron, you did the ultimate heat check; you’ve got A-list NBA stars doing your assistant’s job? I guess Maverick Carter was too busy counting money to be bothered. Let the speculation begin: are you going to tweet the name of the team you choose? Greeeat, we’re all going to get more fail whales than award show night.

Aside: you’ve already getting the side-eye with your “new” account. Apparently it’s more than a year old.

The good news is, you aren’t tweeting your decision. The bad news is, you aren’t tweeting your decision. Nooooo, your publicity whoring is way bigger than that. You want to announce your decision on a one hour special on ESPN. The best part? Your people want to sell advertising. Yes, you want to make money off of the spot where you announce who will be paying you a gazillion dollars. (Also, ESPN – this is a journalism and ethics FAIL.)

Basically LeBron, you’re hijacking the free agency period. From your Larry King interview during the NBA Finals, your rule bending summits with other free agents prior to July 1st, to your infomercial, you’re beginning to work everyones’ last nerves. Sure, we’ll give ESPN the highest ratings ever, then blog and tweet about it all weekend. But when the dust settles, you will have irritated your fans, and the money-hemorrhaging NBA will have further alienated casual fans by monopolizing their time with your nonsense.

But I am your people LeBron, and this is my advice. Cancel the one hour money grab. Just make a traditional live announcement during SportsCenter. When the next media-crushing spectacle that is free agency rears its head in a few years, quit having your anonymous inside sources leak teaser information to the press. Just tell the media that you’ll announce your decision when you’re ready, and would like to make your decision in silence. Seriously, free agency happened during the World Cup, PGA Golf and Wimbledon. Media – do us a favor next time: ignore LeBron.

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

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