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L’Oréal: Weaves Are Not Hair

by Your People on June 4th, 2010

Dear L’Oréal

This is a hair care commercial. Which means you should show hair. Not wigs, not extensions, not weaves, hair. Now, I’m not a total purist. I know that your ads for anti-wrinkle creams airbrush models within an inch of their lives. And check out Photoshop Disasters for proof that the recession has caused ad agencies to lay off all of their editors. But you can’t advertise something that doesn’t exist.

L’Oréal, I’m really disappointed in you. You went through this three years ago. Remember the Penelope Cruz mascara ad? Remember the promise to grow lashes? Problem: she was wearing false lashes. Oops.

But nooooooo, seems you forgot. So now UK reality show celebrity Cheryl Cole is swinging her $20 Sally Beauty Supply wig claiming the shampoo saved her hair. Granted, you’re technically not lying: Shampoo + Weave = Gorgeous Hair. But this is so transparent it’s pathetic. Anyone picking up the British rags is going to see her on the cover of three different tabloids with three different hair lengths. Thank goodness Beyoncé only advertises your makeup, or you’d get sued out of existence under Truth in Advertising laws.

I am your people, L’Oréal, and I’m here to run your next campaign. First of all, I doubt your shampoo can save hair that became brittle due to heavy drinking just find a celebrity or “celebrity” with long hair. If you can’t afford to add to your list of spokesmodels, take a tip from your cosmetics ads. Camera tricks! You only claim that the shampoo will make the hair better, not longer. Just glossify her hair in post-production. Or you can flip the script. Wigs are washed with wig cleaner, not shampoo. Tell people they’re saving money by only buying one product. Win!

Daily Mail , Stylelist

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