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Vacation Day: Mini-Blogs for Memorial Day

by Your People on May 31st, 2010

My favorite YouTuber Brian Franklin has his famous 10 minutes of advice videos; I’m taking a similar approach with 10 words of advice. His videos are always longer than 10 minutes, and my advice will be longer than 10 words. Yes, I’m that person in the express line with too many items.

Via Miss Jia: Incarcerated Lil’ Wayne releases a new video

During Super Bowl Weekend, Lil Wayne shot about 50 ‘leven music videos before he went to jail. First of all, props to Weezy for making sure he stayed relevant while behind bars. I’m not feeling this song too much, but I’m glad Nicki Minaj is actually making sense instead of saying a bunch of random words that pop into her head. My advice to Nicki: stop singing. Re-record that semi-intelligible song as a rap. Otherwise, this is a win.

Via Necole Bitchie: Two Years after I Am….Sasha Fierce was released and SEVEN years after Dangerously in Love, Beyoncé has dropped two new videos from those CDs; i.e. Beyoncé haters, she is going nowhere. I know she’s the girl everyone loves to hate, but Beyoncé hating is a full time job with overtime. And since that job doesn’t pay, get a new hobby.

Via Cele|bithcy: Miley Cyrus doesn’t listen to pop music because she believes it’s shallow. 0______O Being 17 is not an excuse to be that stupid. “Party in the USA” isn’t exactly the deepest song ever written. Seriously, “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was more life changing than that. I realize you want to separate yourself from Hannah Montana, but Joni Mitchell you are not. Hush. Just say, “I’m not doing kiddie pop music anymore, but I promise not to make Kiely Williams’ “Spectacular” video. You’re welcome.

News Flash:

Radar: Suzie Ketcham of Basketball Wives arrested

TMZ: Bizzy Bone joins the cast of Celebrity Rehab

NewsOne: BP hired hundreds of temporary workers for President Obama’s visit

Twitter: Nate Robinson reps his city

Mrs. Grapevine: Kat Stacks gets attacked

Huffington Post: The Obamas spend Memorial Day in Chicago

Guanabee: Puerto Rican man almost deported to Mexico

Gawker: Drunks trash Underground Railroad Museum

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