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Jan 4 14

Dear Readers: Happy 2014!

by Your People

Dear Readers,

Since 2010 I’ve blogged semi-regularly, tweeted up a storm, regularly commented on other blogs and tweeted celebrity birthdays with almost no days missed. Until late November.

I did almost none of the above in December.

I don’t know why, but I abruptly lost my passion for doing any of those things. I’m not quitting altogether, but I don’t know what my online presence will be like in 2014. I’ve been tired, unmotivated and uninspired. I am my own people, and I need to stop burning the candle at both ends and take care of myself.

For what it’s worth, this URL is paid for up until 2015.

*Drake voice* Take care,


Dec 20 13

Dear Justine Sacco: How was your flight?

by Your People

sacco profile

sacco tweets

Dear Justine Sacco,

So, I heard you’re taking a vacation to South Africa! Sounds fun! Oh, except for what you tweeted about AIDS.

How could a PR professional tweet something like that? Oh, wait…

Well, your employer found out about your tweet, and #BlackTwitter knew you were out of a job before you did. In fact, they found out your flight, spawning the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet

Before your flight had even landed, the New York Times had cranked out an opinion piece, and Buzzfeed found a trove of your old, racist tweets

Not satisfied with just having you fired, Black Twitter dragged you by your edges to ensure your immortality in Google searches for years to come.

Well Justine, I am your people…probably your only people right about now. You’ve gotten into a mess can’t delete and Iyanla can’t fix. From now on, do the opposite of PR – stay off of all social media (shouldn’t be hard, you’ve deleted your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You may as well delete your email at this point.) Avoid any career that involves face-to-face contact. Work in a call center. Or a night shift janitor. Or crime lab. Or maybe…restart your PR career…

Who has done more to spread AIDS awareness in 2013 than you? Call up any AIDS charity and tell them you’re the perfect PR hire.

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Hat tip the the man who started this:

Nov 14 13

Mini Blog: Blog Love

by Your People

Miss Jia Azealia Banks blames Pharrell for her single flopping

The Fashion Bomb: Hot or Hmm

US Weekly: Random Kardashian doesn’t remember not being famous


Afrobella: All About Alphabet Creams. BB Creams, CC Creams For All Skin Tones

Dumbest Tweets: Ginuwine

Buzzfeed: Newspaper Retracts Editorial On Gettysburg Address 150 Years Later

Necole Bitchie: Chris Brown is out of rehab

Awe Luv: Designer makes nude Oprah dress

Baller Alert: J-Hud is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

OBV: My Juice Cleanse

Cele|Bitchy: Isla Fisher told Julianne Hough to take off the blackface

Crissle: WaPo interview with Crissle and Kid Fury

E! North West is adorable

Journey to Girly: Black Velvet Cake

Sagey Says: Before 1+1 comes 9


Max-Logic: I’m back


Dirty Pretty Thangs: Sweaterdress Thanksgiving

SFPL: Drake Worst Behavior

Kanye Breast: Ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers

Kid Fury: The Read

Stiletto Jill: This Christmas, the NBA will play in pajamas

Deadspin: Anthony Bennett, #1 pick of the NBA Draft

Nov 7 13

Dear Tyler Perry: NOPE!

by Your People

Dear Tyler Perry,

Here’s the short version of this letter – NOPE!

The longer version – so Antoine Dodson is going to be in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. Now, I’ve actually been to one of your stage shows, and I know you like to hire aspiring talent from YouTube. And that you enjoy employing non-actors, like Kim Kardashian in Tyler Perry’s Endorsement of Date Rape. But Antoine Dodson? I mean…

Why are you extending his 15 minutes of fame? Let’s be real, *does the Iyanla Vanzant ‘let’s turn our backs to the camera and act like it’s just you and me in the room’ move* You’re here for Antoine Dodson’s recent renouncement of homosexuality, and his claim that he somehow impregnated a human female, right? Much like your claims that you and your *very deep sigh* girlfriend *wallslide* had a *sigh* “pregnancy scare?”

Obviously Tyler, this casting choice has everyone calling you out for doing the dougie in your fiberglass closet, but I am your people, and I won’t let them clown you. My suggestion – just take their jokes all the way. Cast Donnie McClurkin in the movie. Say Eddie Long was the movie’s spiritual advisor. Text Deitrick Haddon. This movie will be a guaranteed hit in the …’Atlanta’ crowd. That’s…where you live, right? That’s what you want, isn’t it?

See? This is a win!

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Sources: Gif Soup , Tumblr , Straight from the A, Black America Web , Jezebel , BET

Oct 22 13

Dear Kanye: NO!

by Your People

Dear Kanye,

So, Saturday night, you kicked off your YEEZUS TOUR (all caps, of course) in Seattle. F*ckery was expected, and you didn’t disappoint.

Is this an iceberg? Are you shooting Titanic 2 in Lake Michigan? Okay, I admit – you make this entrance at every award show. But WTF with the Hellraiser mask? Still, normal Yeezy isht

White Jesus? Really Yeezus? And why are you dressed like Moses? What is this?

Okay, I get it. You’re an artist. You love theatrics and drama. Well, the show is over, ‘Ye. Let me just buy my souvenirs and…

Um, are you on tour with Metallica? Do they know you’ve remixed their logo? Well, there are other T-shirts here like….

WAYMENT! Donda would NEVER ALLOW THIS! The Grim Reaper wearing a Confederate Flag? Who is going to wear this? How do you go from designing leather jogging pants and Air Yeezy to *fights the air*

And now, in a desperate bid for privacy, you’ve proposed on stage, about a year after announcing Kim’s pregnancy on stage.

Wll Kanye, it’s been open season on you, but I am your people, and I think you can dodge this mess. You’ve made plenty of money with high fashion and album sales – ditch the T-shirts. And congrats on the baby and the engagement. Remember – we want prenup! We want prenup!

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Sources: Elliott Wilson’s Instagram

Oct 6 13

Dear LinkedIn: STOP THE SPAM

by Your People

Dear LinkedIn,

No. NO. NO!! Will y’all leave me alone? People have accused your “professional networking” site as being a spam machine, and I know that isht firsthand.

How do I know? Because I only use this email address for this blog; I use it to post comments on other blogs, to register with WordPress and Go Daddy, and for the blog Twitter account, but other than that? Nada. It’s not my personal email.

And now you’ve been put on blast for mining folks email accounts to get them to join LinkedIn. But it’s bigger than that; you’ve got to be straight up data mining every motha f*cka on the internet. Why am I getting emails from the Parliamentarian of the Arden, DE City Council? Why is the CEO of Bucky’s Laundromat, Auto Supply and Doggie Day Care trying to be a ‘link?’ And how the f*ck do y’all evade gmail’s spam filter?

You’ve got me out here singing “Leave Me Alone” and “Somebody’s Watching Me” cuz you’re either straight-up NSA spies or some kind of stalkers. Clearly you don’t know my life, because you got the wrong one.

Well I am your people LinkedIn, and so take this advice. If your spam bot is really a ‘professional service,’ then y’all need to act professional. Stop being that nosy heffa in the office who is all up in folks’ business, bugging people for no reason. People need jobs in this recession, and your spam is messing it up. Okay? STOP.

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Sources: PBS

Sep 9 13

Mini Blog: Blog Love

by Your People

Still Funny

Urban Bush Babes: 10th Annual Style Awards

OBV: Make your neighborhood better

Siletto Jill: Gary Payton in the Hall of Fame

Afrobella: Dave Chappelle rocked Chicago

Concrete Loop: Miguel: Can’t Sleep 2gether

Inny Vinny: August roundup

Miss Jia: New reality show – Preachers of LA

Cele|Bitchy: Miley Cyrus lost a Vogue cover

Necole Bitchie: Keyshia Cole apologizes to Michelle Williams

Curly Nikki: Update on Tianna Parker

The Fury TV: The Read – Live

Deadspin: Jim Mora Jr. Flips Out On Reporter Who Interrupts Eulogy of Bruins player Nick Pasquale

Love, Health Advocacy: Oakland re-districting

Get Fit With Nic: Workout

Jezebel: The Black NRA

ValleyWay: Business Insider’s racist, sexist CTO

Racialicious: Bloomberg’s being a dick

Player Perspective: Juicy J is giving a twerking scholarship

People: Arsenio Hall’s back

SFPL: Sevyn Streeter “It Won’t Stop

Gabifresh: Fashion Week

Us Weekly: Blue Ivy is adorable

E! Eminem on ESPN

Aug 27 13

Dear Vine: The six second rule is EVERYTHANG!

by Your People

Dear Vine,

When I first heard that Twitter was putting out a 6-second-long video service, I thought ‘what the low budget Super Bowl commercial hell is this?’ I mean seriously, 6 seconds? What kind of EBT internet is this? Did YouTube move to the projects? WTF are people going to do with 6 seconds? And on a continuous loop? Nah, B, my ADHD isn’t that serious. But then, I watched…

I’m #CRINE! YouTube comedians King Bach, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Alphacat successfully condensed their comedic genius into only 6 seconds, which I probably watched for 5 minutes.

And one Vine is plenty of time to get ‘discovered.’ Peep the man with a run longer than Beyoncé running a marathon.

And the internet runs on cute babies and cats. Vine is the perfect place for both.

And since Tumblr , YouTube and WordPress aren’t enough to contain the Drake shade, this is just perfect.

Speaking of shade, Rihanna’s reaction to Miley Cyrus’ #twerkfail is the most epic thing on the internet this week.

Well Vine, I am your people, and I’m sorry that I doubted you. Because if anyone needs to turn up, come out, or excite the sneakerheads, or make $10,000, Vine is a genius medium, as the short time frame keeps the copyright police at bay (I see you YouTube, with your video pulling, channel cancelling self. Let folks’ covers be great!) I can’t wait to see more Vines, with a side of Vino.

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Sources: WNBA , YouTube , King Bach , Avery Wilson, Nickelly , Jakari Forde , Cailie Smith , Tumblr , Austin Carter , Drake the Type , fouseyTUBE , VSB , kisschanel , Justin Mccord , LaAceMF , WNBA , Kobe Bryant , Ad Age

Aug 22 13

Mini Blog: Blog Love

by Your People

GabiFresh: Gabi got bored at 3am. And looked like this

Urban Bush Babes: Chat with Twin Shadow

Racialicious: White is the New White

Afrobella: My favorite lipsticks

DListed: JLo’s stalker spent six days in her pool house

Magnet for Foolishness: I’m Fine, and you?

Notes on a Scandal: Mo’s Bows

Buzzfeed: Antoinette Tuff prevented a school shooting

So Furious: The Read

The Cynical Ones: I need answers

People: RIP Lee Thompson Young

The Fashion Bomb: This week in chic

VSB: See you next lifetime

Funny or Die: At home with John Legend

Crunk-n-Disorderly: More Basketball Wives drama

Player Perspective: Footlocker’s NFL campaign

Concrete Loop: Brandy has a concert, 40 people show up

Inny Vinny: Changes

Jia: Meet Diggy

Necole Bitchie: Life’s good on the C-List

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Beyoncé Gifs: All Motha, all the time

Cele|Bitchy: Macklemore on white privilege


Fooducate: Gluten free kids

Curly Nikki: Nik on the Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Awesomely Luvvie: *NSync Throwback

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Baller Alert: Allen Iverson retires

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Aug 18 13

Dear Prince: I am HERE for your new single

by Your People

Dear Prince,

After being the #1 hater of the internet, you have finally joined Twitter, and did so with a Chappelle’s Show joke.

When I saw that tweet, I was like

Only, it isn’t a joke. This really is your next single and the cover art. When I found out this was for real, I was like

Prince, I am your people, and I say YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! This is the best thing since 1999, Purple Rain and your acting in Cherry Moon combined. Now that Dave Chappelle has un-retired, it’s time for you two to do new Chappelle’s Show skits. Or he could open your tour. Seriously Prince, if you tour together, I’m the first one in line outside the area like

I am your people. Read the comments for advice from my people.

Sources: Prince , Tumblr , NY Times , Pitchfork , Comedy Central